Machine-applied external rendering and internal plastering specialists in Inverness

J&J Runcie Plasterers Ltd are external wall insulation and rendering specialists working for domestic and commercial clients in Inverness and surrounding areas of Inverness-shire.

Our experienced team of renderers provide high quality external wall insulation, specialist external rendering, colour renders and solid wall insulation services.

Call J&J Runcie Plasterers Ltd now on 01776 707340 for further information or email us:

Areas we cover:

Inverness: Allanfearn, Balloch, Bogallan, Bogbain, Bunchrew, Culloden, Culloden Moor, Craig Dunain, Drumderfit, Garguston, Kirkhill, Kilmuir, Leanach, Lentran, North Kessock, Smithton, Westhill and surrounding areas.