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According to the Energy Savings Trust, External Wall Insulation (EWI) can save around £475 per property per year and 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

It not only improves the appearance of the property – potentially increasing its’ value - but it also improves weatherproofing and sound resistance, makes buildings more airtight, reducing drafts and heat loss and can be applied with minimal disruption to householders as no internal access is required.

EWI also increases the life of the property by protecting the existing substrate from the elements.

Our External Wall Insulation System is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative cladding procedure involving the use of an insulated material and render finish which is like wrapping a building in a blanket. But whilst it keeps a building warm in winter, it also keeps it cool on hot summer days. 

The most common insulating material is polystyrene and the finish usually consists of a reinforced base coat followed by a decorative mineral or synthetic finish. 

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